Custom made stands

A complete service that goes beyond the exhibition
We built customized stands which can be planned by our designers or realized from your project. We take care of every detail: structural elements, decoration, metal and wood carpentry, plate glasses. Our specialized staff provides for assembly and disassembly, and after the exhibition your stand can stay in our depository, ready for the next exhibition.

Modular stands

The base on which the difference is built on
They are the most simple, fast and widespread solutions, and can achieve a strong personality. Our architects and designers will be able to create a captivating solution, considering your needs and budget.
Ideas are the added values.

General preparation

We’ll take care of everything
We don't only work with Single Clients: we have a long-lasting experience as show decorator for whole exibitions, expo events, groups and cooperative organizations, in Italy and abroad.
We offer, respecting everybody's role, the whole management of the tecnical settings, letting our Clients free to look after other strategic aspects of the exhibition. We are specialized in managing all the technical relationship with the Private Exhibitors, offering an expert and accurate service.


The technical aspects of conventions
Behind a successful congress there is always a technical partner of trust: also in this field we can offer the best conpetence, we deeply know what are the organizators needs and problems.
For years we are collaborating with many PCO that attribute us: precision, punctuality and total reliability. We are partner of Torino Convention & Visitors Bureau.


Every exhibition is a world in itself
Setting up an exhibition is always an exciting adventure. It means being able to understand the sensations what the designer want to spread and make them come reality, solving thousands of challanges that the place where we work – often historical and fine locations – throws down to us: we disclose our professionalism making sure to care about every smallest detail and enhance the fascination of the exhibition.

Interior design

Stores, show rooms, livings, are dresses that have to be tailored, sometimes they are classic, some other innovative. P&P and its team of architects, designers and technicians project flexible spaces, suitable for every Client specific needs.